Monthly Commentary Archive

Sanity Check
August 2014
Be Prepared
July 2014
Investing with Honor
June 2014
Questioning “Sell in May and Go Away”
May 2014
Don’t Overthink It
April 2014
March Madness
March 2014
Reasons for Caution, Reasons for Optimism
February 2014
Beware Share-Repurchase Hype
January 2014
Don’t Fear the Taper
December 2013
Reporting from Grant’s
November 2013
The Investment Case for China
October 2013
The Herd Instinct
September 2013
The Challenges of Investing in a Stimulus-Dependent Economy
August 2013
Liquidity Versus Fundamentals
July 2013
Parimutuel in Perpetuum
June 2013
Searching for “The Truth”
May 2013
Signals of U.S. Strength
April 2013
Looking for Risk
March 2013
Keeping Focus
February 2013
A Dickensian New Year
January 2013
Men of Good Will
December 2012
Back to the Future
November 2012
Occam’s Razor
October 2012
The Experimental Economy
September 2012
The Perils of Overconfidence
August 2012
Looking Past Today’s Sideways Market
July 2012
Volatility ≠ Risk
June 2012
Groundhog Day
May, 2012
A Game Changer for China
April 2012
The Apple Conundrum
March 2012
Staying Focused in a Distracting World
February 2012
A Word on Banking
January 2012
Endless Ironies, Challenges and Volatility
December 2011
Financial Crisis Status Update
November 2011
It’s Relative
October 2011
Eurozone Complexity Brings Risk Aversion
September 2011
A Moment of Clarity
August 2011
It’s the Demography, Stupid
July 2011
Banking in the Bailout Era
June 2011
Markets’ Risk Reappraisal
May 2011
Behavioral Pitfalls That Inhibit Investment Success
April 2011
A Crude Dilemma
March 2011
Seismic Shifts
February 2011
Avoiding Complexity as a Bankable Strategy
January 2011
Ripping Off the Band-Aid
December 2010
On Gold, the Dollar and Politics
November 2010
Surviving Our Minsky Moment
October 2010
A Perspective on Belief Systems and Markets
September 2010
“If Something Cannot Go on Forever, It Will Stop”
August 2010
Positive Factors
July 2010
A Choppy Start to the Summer
June 2010
A Greek Drama
May 2010
An Interesting Development
April 2010
CNBC Often Misses the Boat
March 2010
The Downside of Debt
February 2010
The Lost Decade of the S&P 500
January 2010
What is Gold Telling Us?
December 2009
Page 16 Stories
November 2009
The Elephant in the Room
October 2009
Inflation or Deflation?
September 2009
The Rally Continues…
August 2009
Where Do We Go from Here?
July 2009
Identifying the Tides
June 2009
May 2009
Concerning Politics
April 2009
End of Bear Market in Sight?
March 2009